“Once I got serious about working with rope full time, I chose to use unbleached cotton rope, which as well as being lovely, soft and very natural- looking, is a much better choice than bleached cotton, from a sustainability viewpoint. Bleached cotton causes a lot of damage to the environment and to the cotton farmers who are exposed to a lot of dangerous chemicals in the process. The next step is to be able to source directly from the farmers themselves for an organic, unbleached cotton, but I need to grow Ruby Cubes a bit more before I can make that leap.”

Besides practical, everyday objects such as bowls, placemats, totes and planters, Jessica loves making large, statement pieces. “I’m currently working on a sculpture series where I’m experimenting with the rope in a more free-form way. When I make bigger pieces, it gives me the opportunity to explore colour more deeply, as there’s more space to create patterns.”

She has several personal favourites that she holds on to, such as her first attempts at new designs. “There’s a few pieces in our house, which will always have a place here though, including a pink basket with two handles and an embroidered heart that I made for my daughter, as well as the first big piece I made, which is currently enjoying life as a giant toy basket.”

She plans to build a collection of bigger pieces next year, and continue expanding the homewares range. She also intends to experiment with finding the most eco-friendly way to dye the rope. “Truthfully, I have tonnes of ideas, but it all comes down to time & space!” she says.

To see the full collection, visit www.rubycubes.co.uk or Jessica’s Instagram @ruby_cubes_exeter